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Speak For Yourself

  • Grass roots organizing

  • Television production

  • Orientation videos

  • Political action

    Make contact with Speak For Yourself Director Lew Waldeck to discuss your project.

    Reasonable fees are structured around the services your project requires.

    Media projects tailored to the exact needs of your project are accessible even to small groups.

  • SFY

    How does SFY do it's work?

    Small groups can open the doors of power. They can reach the public and the politicians who can advance their agenda.

    At the beginning of a campaign it is necessary to re-establish goals. With clear goals defined by a representative subcommittee, plans can be formulated that will bring a group's agenda to the attention of those who can affect change.

    An important first step is to educate all the members of the group to these goals and plans. Rarely can a project be successful unless the whole group is participating in some way.

    SFY's patient guidance through research and brainstorming, to internal education, and from there to a finished plan allows your organization to focus on goals rather than process.

    SFY frees your group from the mechanics of producing TV or radio spots, orientation videos, and other media documents so that your members can work in areas that are best suited to their expertise.

    SFY knows the craft of political action. The drill of the campaign can be worked out in advance in keeping with the sensibilities of the group. The organization is then able to spend its best efforts on the actual lobbying.

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