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Speak For Yourself

  • Grass roots organizing
  • Television production
  • Orientation videos
  • Political action

  • Media projects tailored to the exact needs of your project are accessible even to small groups.

    Make contact with Speak For Yourself Director Lew Waldeck to discuss your project.


    Integral to the act of political activism is the right to free speech. Today, free speech is under attack from many quarters. There are those who would ban the "Wizard of Oz" because it mentions witches. There are those who wish to censor the internet. There are those who wish to censor the arts in general and, there are those who would censor not for profit organizations. These are but a few of the current problems. The National Campaign for Freedom of Expression and it's Executive Director David Mendoza successfully wage this battle to preserve our first ammendment rights. You can find them and, support them at their web site. National Campaign for Freedom of Expression

    HEART Human Equity Through Art is a nonprofit organization that promotes the role of artists as human rights activists, encourages artistic expression that addresses racial, gender, sexual and other forms of discrimination, and seeks public recognition of the relevance of art as a vehicle for social reform. Human Equity Through Art