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Speak For Yourself

  • Grass roots organizing

  • Television production

  • Orientation videos

  • Political action

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    Who is Lew Waldeck?

    Although he has described his work as "educating to organize," Waldeck' s impact on his fellow musicians across the United States and Canada embodies the fullest meaning of the phrase. As the head of the AFM's Symphonic Services Division, he's spent the last 11 years of his life helping orchestral musicians focus on their needs, their concerns, their strength and their dignity, imbuing them with a sense of their own worth and instilling in them the courage to stand up for themselves, He has been a "union organizer" in the truest sense of the words that he simply yet proudly uses to describe himself.

    As a professional tubist, he performed with the Florida Symphony, the St., Louis Symphony the New Orleans Philharmonic and the American Ballet Theater Orchestra. For 25 years he was a member of the New York City Opera Orchestra (NYCO).

    In 1983 he was appointed by then President Victor W Fuentealba to head the AFM's Symphony Department. He and the staff he assembled (in what was once a one person department) were responsible for organizing many orchestras, and instilling in symphony musicians faith in collective action. He worked to raise the profile of symphony musicians in their communities, most particularly through "The Symphony Project," a pilot lobbying and educational campaign that musicians carry out on their own behalf among their local legislators, business and community leaders.

    While he is retiring from the AFM, Waldeck will continue to assist people in taking control of their issues through the new company he is forming, "Speak For Yourself, Organizing Around Community Issues," His new venture will help community and other groups define their goals, decide on the methods they need to achieve those goals, and assist them with the necessary research and internal education to take successful collective action. He will also produce TV and radio spots, orientation videos and other video documents for clients' campaigns.
    Reprinted from "International Musician"

    Lew Waldeck's resume.

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