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    Make contact with Speak For Yourself Director Lew Pix
    Lew Waldeck to discuss your project.

    Reasonable fees are structured around the services your project requires.

    Media projects tailored to the exact needs of your project are accessible even to small groups.

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    "Speak For Yourself is founded on a strongly held belief that our work is to help people restore power over their own lives. To serve a group, as their employees, we must help them first define and then implement their goals. While it might be easier to make judgments for a group or to make decisions based on standard operating procedure, doing so eventually results in our failure. The substitution of paternalism for assistance will undermine the group's efforts."

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    SFY Director Lew Waldeck has:

    Worked as an organizer and negotiator for the world's largest international entertainment union.

    Produced radio and TV spots for PR and political action campaigns.

    Worked as a Director of Cinematography on feature films and national commercials.

    Organized disparate groups into successful unified action units.

    Led long-term demonstrations to winning conclusions.

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